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Neighborhood Association

Making Something Good...GREAT!

Pete Constant, District 1 Councilmember, held a West San Jose Neighborhood Summit at the Moreland Community Center in April 2007. At this meeting he shared his experiences and benefits of organizing a neighborhood association. Kurt Schumacher decided to start one.

Boundaries: North: Campbell Ave.| South: Bucknall Rd. | West: Quito Ave./Saratoga Ave. | East: Mayfield Ave.

Our Vision - What we strive for
Create a thriving community of people who genuinely cares about their neighbors needs and needs around them

Our Values - What we live by
Honesty | Ownership | Responsibility | Compassionate | Fun | Openness | Creative

Goals - What we want to accomplish

  • Get 70% of members to join Nextdoor forum
  • Grow membership participation rate to 50%
  • Establish committees
  • Launch quarterly newsletter
  • Create a neighborhood watch program
  • Create communication flow to and from San Jose city offices